She invites us to merry journeys through the clear and vivid colors that she uses on her canvas.

Until recently, Amelie Panagakos’ work was inspired by nature, the Aegean Sea and a dreamy microcosm. Mixed techniques of materials as well as her passion for engraving were apparent in her large-scale paintings. Now, the human figure comes also into play in these variations of her signature style. Embossed figures, modeled with plaster, resins and powders are depicted within a world of fantasy. She often uses the bas-relief and mixed techniques and has no problem with people touching the painting so as to get a better feel of it. “They come closer”, says she. Amelie Panagakos was born and raised in Athens by a Greek father and a Belgian mother. She has been living and working in the island of Paros from 2005-2008, curently living in Athens.


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